T100 – Partialized curtain for radiator KZ004
T101 – Partialized curtain for radiator KZ006

The curtain partializes the air flow and it is used especially in the cold months.

Material: aluminium, low thickness pvc, special material rope.

P243 – Winter cylinder protection

P233 – Gas probe

Gas probe use for: Aim, Unipro, Dacton, Starlane

L001 – Aluminium protection strip

The aluminium strip should be positioned on the outer side of the radiator to prevent that the residual gum and the dirt hit the radiator, which would decrease its cooling capacity.

R010 – Recovery water cylinder with coupling

This aluminium cylinder is used for the recovery of water that may exit from the radiator cup.
The cylinder is sold complete with the cap and the support for the anchorage on the bracket of the radiator.
Its small size makes the product very elegant.


L002 – Carbon protection strip

This strip replaces the protective aluminium strip. The advantage, in addition to aesthetics, is the weight because you can save 40 grams. Its function is to prevent that the residual gum and the collected dirt hit the radiator.