P400 – Water pump

Our new water pump is completely obtained from a block full of aluminum, as well as the impeller in it, which is always made from aluminum.

This pump allows a constant recirculation of water with a flow rate suitable to the size of the market engines.
The interior of the P400 pump is designed to avoid the classic “turbulences” and to ensure that water can flow in a laminar way, which means in a unvaried way without creating air.
Within the pump we inserted a double oil seal with a water drain between the two, to ensure a limited maintenance of the bearings.
In addition we were able to get a better smoothness of the impeller shaft thanks to a detailed study of machining tolerances.

– A better and constant cooling
– less maintenance thanks to the double oil seal and to the water drainage;
– better smoothness of the impeller shaft

Aluminium: pump and impeller;
Inox: shaft.