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DOUBLE SYSTEM LINE > KL005 – DOUBLE-Pass Radiator 375x260x32

KL005 – DOUBLE-Pass Radiator 375x260x32


The KL005-DOUBLE model must be positioned to the left of the pilot.

This model has been designed for the Maximum KZ category.

Having a different radiant mass from a traditional one (derived from the two wheels) since it is constructed with a special aluminium alloy and with a distance between the tubes of the reduced mass, it increases its performance even compared to a traditional 290 mm radiator.

Thus, it turns out to be a radiator lighter than 400 g compared to a classic 290 mm radiator and manages to have more tubes even though it is 3 cm narrower.
Being narrower than 3 cm, it prevents overheating of the tire and increases the driver comfort while driving.

We recommend using the KL005-DOUBLE radiator with our P400 water pump, so as to guarantee the double flow of water inside it.

The radiator is supplied complete with adjustable brackets.

Radiator core dimensions: 375x260x32 mm
Radiator weight: 1600 gr
Material: aluminium with special alloy born from the research of the two wheels to improve heat reduction.



Thickness reduced  by 10 mm

Thickness reduced by 10 mm


Double internal water re-circulation

Double internal water re-circulation


Weight reduction by 30%

Weight reduction by 30%


Greater number of tubes thanks to reduced wheelbase

Greater number of tubes thanks to reduced wheelbase


double system ke technology radatiors original

With this new generation of radiators, thanks to the reduction of its thickness by 10 mm, we have decreased its weight by 30% and, by increasing the number of tubes, with a particular aluminum alloy, and utilizing the technique of double re-circulation, cooling is improved by 8%.

Operating temperatures from: -55° C to + 51° C.


For correct use, read our short guide